Integral Calculator

Calculate your integral functions here and get the result with the steps involved. Our online calculator will help you get definite and indefinite (antiderivatives) integrals. If you have an integral function with more variables, our integral calculator can help you solve that as well.

Just feed in the function, select if you are solving for definite or indefinite, and click the Calculate button. It has the capability to solve the functions with constants such as ‘pi’ or ‘e’.

Interact with the various points on the graph to help you visualize better about the function you are trying to solve.

online integral calculator

Looking at the Integral

The reverse of the differentiation is integration. That’s why it’s called the anti-derivative as well. It refers to the algebraic process involved in finding the integral of a function at any point in a graph.

Integral is used to find the area under the curve with the given points on a graph.

Derivatives are used to find the rate of change i.e. velocity at a particular point.  This follows that anti-derivative or integral will give the displacement of the moving object.

How to Use Integral Calculator

Follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the function.
  • Select between ‘definite’ and ‘indefinite’ integral.
  • Hit Calculate.

integral calculator

How Integral Calculator Works

The integral calculator transforms the entered function in a syntax that the computer can understand and process.


The BODMAS rule is incorporated so all calculations are processed accordingly.¬† Moreover, this integral calculator is capable to translate ‘sinx’ in the entered function to ‘sin * x’ automatically.

Library of Tables and Rules

The servers have a library of required tables and the rules of computer algebra system which are required to interpret and solve the integral function. Several advanced algorithms are also programmed to solve special and difficult cases.

Powerful Algorithms

Integral calculator is empowered by JavaScript-based algorithms so that it can be used on web browser and perform required calculations. The interpretation and result calculation is quick despite the complexity involved. The displayed result is well formatted.

The algorithms will be used to analyze the function, follow the applicable rules and go ahead to solve. This calculator uses the same sequence of steps as you would apply when calculating by hand. Sin and Cos rules, trigonometry, and integration by parts are commonly used rules.

Interact with Integral on the Graph

While calculators don’t have the human mathematical intuition, our online solution has numerous possibilities to try before finding that antiderivative. In the course of seeing the calculation, you will also view the graphs.

The HTML5 guided graph has JavaScript on the backend for calculating the small points needed to plot. You can use your mouse or touchpad to hover on the graph and move the cursor to see the lines.

Try it Out!

Don’t you want to give this integral calculator a try? Just feed in the integral function and hit Calculate, to get the result instantly!